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Discover the difference NXP LPC Microcontrollers


Best-in-class performance with unprecedented flexibility

Looking for a microcontroller with that little added extra, then NXP’s LPC4000 family of Cortex-M4 microcontrollers could well be your answer. Further expanding NXP’s Cortex-M continuum, they bring high-performance signal processing capabilities within the reach of the typical microcontroller programmer.

This family has grown considerably over the last year or so. NXP now offers over 50 variants, from the ‘basic’ LPC407x and LPC408x series through to the full featured LPC4300 devices. And with the new LPC4370 , the offering takes another step up in performance and embedded peripherals.

There are also a number of development boards available, including the LPC-Link 2 and LabTool which give you the perfect toolset for developing, testing and debugging your Cortex-M applications.